Conference Indiana

Nine Conference Indiana Championships in the 20 years of Conference Indiana, the Panthers won the title the first four years, 1998-2001, under coach Mo Moriarity, then Drew Wood led the Panthers to the title in 2005 and 2006, and the last three, 2014-2016 under coach Mo Moriarity.

1998-won (7-0, coach Mo Moriarity)
1999-won (tied with Decatur Central at 7-0, coach Mo Moriarity)
2000-won (tied with Decatur Central at 6-1, coach Mo Moriarity)
2001-won (tied with Martinsville and Pike at 6-1, coach Mo Moriarity)
2002-tied for fourth (4-3, coach Bob McConnell)
2003-tied for sixth (3-4, coach Bob McConnell)
2004-tied for third (5-2, coach Drew Wood)
2005-won (tied with Franklin Central at 6-1, coach Drew Wood)
2006-won (5-2, coach Drew Wood)
2007-tied for fourth (3-4, coach Drew Wood)
2008-tied for second (5-2, coach Drew Wood)
2009-tied for sixth (2-5, coach Drew Wood)
2010-tied for sixth (2-5, coach Kirk Kennedy)
2011-eighth (0-7, coach Kirk Kennedy)
2012-eighth (0-7, coach Kirk Kennedy)
2013-seventh (2-5, coach Mo Moriarity)
2014-won (tied with Terre Haute South at 6-1, coach Mo Moriarity)
2015-won (7-0, coach Mo Moriarity)
2016-won (7-0, coach Mo Moriarity)
2017-fourth (3-4, coach Mo Moriarity)