Contact Information


Quarterback Club President: Jackie Jackson – (812) 369-8085
Freshman Representative: Mika Lucas – (812) 330-0062
Sophomore Rep: Amanda Kirby – (812) 320-7645
Junior Rep: Missy Richardson – (812) 325-4015
Senior Rep: Chris Bomba – (812) 345-0272
Email Address Updates and Changes: Susan Schlegel –


There are MANY ways to get involved and most of them are small things that help in a big way when we work together! Please contact us!

Media Guide, Banners, Picture Day – May thru July
     Jen Pedersen –
Golf Scramble – July
     Kyle Yeskie –
Food/Drinks for Players – Ongoing
     Missy Richardson –
Parking Spots – Reserved for season home games
     Jeff Parker –
Facility Maintenance Work Days – Summer
     Chris Bomba –
Pizza Fundraiser – August and February
     Susan Schlegel –
Basketball Tournament – February
     Leslie Abel –
Mulch Sales – March/April
     Drew Frey –


The Bloomington High School South football program has enjoyed a long history of success. The success of the football program is not an accident; rather, it is a direct result of the dedication and hard work of the athletes, coaches, administration, cheerleaders and the many supporters of the Quarterback Club in our community.

Support of this organization is critical to the continued success of Panther Football now and for years to come. The Quarterback Club (QBC) plays a vital role in the organization and actual implementation of programs such as general fundraising, facilities maintenance and upgrades, training and game equipment acquisition, player and coaching development, athletic character development, spirit activities, website maintenance, food for camps and games, game films and highlights, booster club, media guide and long-term capital projects.

A portion of the funds raised by the Quarterback Club is shared with the overall athletic budget and therefore benefits other sports and other student athletes as well as football athletes.

Every parent of a football player is a member of the QBC so please come and get involved. Interested community members are also encouraged to support and get involved in the Quarterback Club .

Thanks for all of your support in the past and we look forward to your continued support in the future!