What is the Quarterback Club?

The Bloomington High School South football program has enjoyed a long history of success. The success of the football program is not an accident; rather, it is a direct result of the dedication and hard work of the athletes, coaches, administration, cheerleaders and many supporters in our community.

The Quarterback Club plays a vital role in the organization and actual implementation of programs such as general fundraising, facilities maintenance and upgrades, training and game equipment acquisition, player and coaching development, athletic character development, spirit activities, website maintenance, food for camps and games, game films and highlights, booster club, media guide and long-term capital projects. Consider getting involved in the Quarterback Club and become an integral part of Panther Football. 

The QB Club is comprised of several individuals who provide leadership throughout the year. 

Please contact your class representative with all of your questions related to the football program.

Would you like to help out with some aspect of the football program? Reach out to our volunteers with specific responsibilites throughout the year.

QB Club President

Jackie Jackson


Senior Class Rep

Matt & Kathie Nussbaum


Junior Class Rep

Marty & Jolene Dixon


Sophomore Class Rep

Kim Waldon


Freshman Class Rep


Media Guide/Banners (May - August)

Heidi Smith

Tamara Bailey

Food/Drinks for Players (ongoing)

Mandy McGhee


Parking Spots (reserved for Friday night home games)

Sean Ridner

Facilities & Maintenance (including Summer Work Days)

Bill Johnson

Yard Signs

Pam O'Neal


Basketball Tournament (February)

Coach Daniel

Coach Lumpe

Mulch Sales (March-April)

Coach Frey

Coach Byers

Game Day Promotions (during season)

Heidi Smith

Spirit & Traditions (during season)

Kim Waldon


Dine & Donate Fundraising

Stacy Thompson

Ashley Dawson