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Gameday Gear Guidelines

Anything that is worn on “Game Day” must meet the following guidelines ... 



    • Purple, White, Black, Silver​


  • Cleats:

    • Cleats must be purple, white, black, silver... including shoestrings.

    • Black NIKE cleats are preferred.  These are offered at a discount in the Team Shop.

    • Because we play on turf, molded cleats are preferred.

    • You WILL NOT be allowed to write on your cleats. No quotes or wording of any kind

             will be allowed. 


  • Under Garments: Compression Shirts, Tights, Girdles 

    • Approved colors only: purple, white, black, silver. Must be a solid color - no visible stripes, designs, wording, writing, symbols or patterns permitted except for brand logo.

    • All Shirts worn under shoulder pads need to be compression shirts.  No loose cloth will be permitted to show.  If a T-Shirt is desired, the sleeves will need to be tucked inside the jersey.  In some cases, long sleeved shirts may be permitted.

    • Any under garment must be on both arms or both legs. For example, you cannot have tights on one leg and not the other.  This rule is the same for shirts. 


  • Gloves:

    • Approved colors only: purple, white, black, silver.

    • NIKE gloves are preferred.  These are offered at a discount in the Team Shop.

    • No writing, quotes or symbols will be allowed to put onto gloves.  Logos will be allowed. 


  • Socks:

    • White or Purple Game Issue

    • A pair of socks will be issued to each player prior to the first contest.  Players are required to wear game issued socks for every contest home and away.  If another pair of socks is desired, the pair must be worn underneath the game issued pair and cannot be visible. 


  • Not allowed:

    • Visors

    • Bandanas that are visible or hanging out the back of a helmet (IHSAA rule)

    • Jewelry of any kind (Silicone or Cloth Bracelets)

    • Any markings/alterations on helmet that is not coach approved




Bloomington South Football Practice Gear

Players will receive a pair of shorts, compression shirt, practice jersey and mouthpiece prior to the start of the season.

  • Players must wear team issue practice jersey and practice pants.  For all other items, apparel color guidelines do not apply for practice purposes.  All appropriate padding must be worn for practice as well as shirts under practice jersey.

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